The half-day integrated program meets for 2.5 hours daily with separate morning and afternoon sessions. This program is designed to include preschool students of varying degrees of developmental readiness to optimize opportunities for students to learn and grow from one another’s strengths.

Multi-sensory lessons are carefully planned and prepared to address all learning styles. Activities and materials integrate learning through the use of visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile experiences. Instruction is differentiated, allowing children to learn at their own pace. Student needs are addressed throughout the day during large group, small group and individual instruction.

The Creative Curriculum is implemented through natural exploration and intentional teaching to facilitate development and growth. Curricular adaptations and supplemental materials are used whenever necessary to address specific student needs. Consistency, repetition, review and practice allows for mastery and maintenance of skills. Multiple measures of assessment are utilized to evaluate student progress.

Everyday Mathematics is introduced in the preschool program through the use of hands on activities that students experience in centers and daily lessons. Mathematics is woven into children’s everyday activities and routines and focus on developing children’s ability to problem solve and reason. These initial experiences lay the groundwork for further mathematics learning as students continue in the Everyday Math program in kindergarten through grade five.

Students are provided with a balance of structure and flexibility to establish an optimal learning environment. Students are motivated through reinforcement of positive behaviors. Modeling and prompting techniques aim to improve social skills and increase functional communication. Specialists provide additional support when needed, to promote growth in all areas of development.