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At this time of year, we are thankful every day to have the opportunity to take care of your children!”- Sincerely, North Brunswick Township Early Childhood Center   

The NBTECC continues our important work using the Connection Action Roadmap (CAR) framework in our Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s). We are always working to develop a deeper understanding of best teaching practices that help children be engaged and successful learners.

Life skills are based, in one way or another, in the the brain and involve what child development researchers call “executive functions” of the brain. They are called executive functions because we use them to “manage” our attention, our emotions and our behavior in order to reach our goals. As part of the importance of Social-Emotional Learning we are teaching - Focus/Self-Control. Children need this skill in order to achieve their goals. It involves paying attention, remembering the rules and exercising self-control.

NBTECC School Goals:

Goal 1- By June 2019, 6/6 Preschool Teachers will continue to integrate a blended learning framework  into our Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) utilizing the CAR model to strengthen the focus on common planning of units of study, unpacking the standards, enhancing Creative Curriculum interest areas and planning, reviewing assessment data, and planning for implementation of ongoing curriculum/performance-based assessments (GOLD and The Creative Curriculum).

Goal 2- By June 2019,  the NBTECC will integrate the branding mindset and practices, introduce awareness of our new brand True North and enhance family-community/school  partnerships by utilizing a variety of platforms including Principal Newsletter, School Website, Facebook and Twitter.  

Goal 3- By June 2019,  100% of the Preschool Teachers, Related Service Providers and Child Study Team will design, implement, and/or progress monitor comprehensive, cohesive, and data driven IEPs, which contain data-based strengths and present levels,  and link student needs to specific and measurable goals and objectives.