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North Brunswick Township Early Childhood Center School Report Card Narrative 2017

The North Brunswick Township Early Childhood Center is a dynamic community of educators and families with a population  of approximately 141 students in prekindergarten. We are located in the Our Lady of Lourdes building in Milltown since opening in September 2015. Our students are represented by various ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic status, cultures and speak a variety of languages. The similarities and differences of our students and families are embraced and have built a true learning community.

The North Brunswick Township Early Childhood Center  (NBTECC) offers preschool programming that is designed to meet the needs of our diverse student learners. Our mission is to inspire creativity while fostering social and emotional, physical, cognitive and language development of preschool aged children. Within a developmentally appropriate framework, our program strives to provide an academically rich environment that prepares students for their kindergarten experience. Varying degrees of developmental readiness is respected while simultaneously challenging students to reach their fullest potential and begin their journey as lifelong learners.

At the NBTECC we implement a continuum of services to meet the needs of the various learners by providing programs for students with special needs and students in general education in half-day, full-day integrated and self-contained programs. Currently our student population is a majority of students in general education that are tuition-based. We provide a free, appropriate public education for students in special education. Child Study Team evaluations take place on an ongoing basis as students are determined to be eligible to receive special education programming and therefore the student enrollment changes often. Careful planning  ensures the successful inclusion of preschoolers with disabilities in general education programs. The focus is on identifying individual student needs, linking instruction to the preschool curriculum, providing appropriate supports and program modifications, and regularly evaluating student progress.

The NBTECC’s faculty members share a deep commitment to their profession and to serving students in early childhood education and in early intervention. Working collegially within the framework of a Professional Learning Community (PLC),  and implementation with fidelity to the Preschool Learning Standards, the staff empower one another to meet the ever-changing needs of our students in their academic, social-emotional, behavioral and language development. A consistent standards based framework  drives instruction and assessment, incorporating student interest, choice, rigor and differentiation in order to meet the holistic needs of a range of learners.  Through PLCs, focused professional development, and shared leadership, staff embraces a model of collaboration which optimizes student learning. Supportive relationships within our community of staff, families, and administrators contributes to a positive school climate which empowers educators to fulfill their mission and successfully serve preschool students in an inclusive environment.

Within the building, you will observe educators that utilize multi-sensory lessons, carefully planned and prepared to address all learning styles. Activities and materials integrate learning through the use of visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile experiences. Instruction is differentiated, allowing children to learn at their own pace. Student needs are addressed throughout the day during large group, small group and individual instruction. Students are provided with a balance of structure and flexibility to establish an optimal learning environment. Students are motivated through reinforcement of positive behaviors. Modeling and prompting techniques aim to improve social skills and increase functional communication.

Inclusive education in a warm, welcoming, learning environment that is dedicated to the in-depth understanding, implementation of best practices and research-based strategies in high quality preschool learning is the essence of The North Brunswick Early Childhood Center. We understand that children flourish in an environment using a comprehensive, collaborative program with a strong emphasis on family engagement.  This family engagement is evidenced by the integral role and generosity of our Parent Teacher Organization.  Our school has multiple family and school events that help to maintain our learning community and support the inclusive environment. The PTO encourages parent involvement and seek to enhance the child’s school experience at our school by providing volunteer and financial support.

As we continue to build our early childhood program, our guiding principles and core beliefs serve as the foundation. 
- We believe that it is our ongoing mission to develop and align program standards, teaching, learning and resources anchored to best practice and current research on early childhood development and learning to implement these practices with fidelity. - We believe that in order to meet the needs of all learners we must provide a school culture and climate that emphasizes positive, proactive and preventive practices aligned to a student's sense of physical and emotional safety fostering optimal conditions for learning. - We believe that in the ever-changing world, that North Brunswick Township Early Childhood Center will persevere in creating a productive learning environment that fosters and inspires all students to begin a lifelong love of learning. - We believe that our dedicated commitment to an inclusive learning environment will help all children to learn.

The North Brunswick Early Childhood Center is a true example of a Preschool Learning Environment!

Jennifer Nicosia


NBTECC School Report Card Narrative 2017