Pre-School Application Process


This preschool program will serve a limited number of North Brunswick 3 & 4 year old children, with priority to 4 year olds. Integrated preschool programs are designed to include preschool students of varying degrees of developmental readiness to optimize opportunities for students to learn and grow from one another’s strengths.

This tuition-based program will utilize a research-based curriculum that inspires creativity and fosters social, emotional and language development. All classes will be instructed by certified teachers who will be responsible for challenging students to reach their potential in order to be academically prepared for their Kindergarten experience in North Brunswick Township Schools.


Eligible students must be 3 years of age by Sept. 1, 2018. Any child who will be 5 years old on or before October 1, 2018 is eligible for Kindergarten and should follow Kindergarten Registration directions on the district website.

Students must be toilet trained prior to the start of school.

Program Availability:

The half day program is offered as a morning session, from 8:55-11:25 PM or as an afternoon session, from 12:30-3:00pm. There are no integrated full day programs.

Selection Process:

A lottery process will be held on April 20, 2018 to randomly select the students who will participate in the program. Applications for 4 year olds will be drawn first, followed by 3 year old applicants, to give priority to preschoolers who will be entering Kindergarten the following year. A number will be assigned to each applicant in order of drawing. When the number of students needed to fill the open spots is reached, applications will continue to be assigned a number and this group of students will make up the wait list. If a student drops out or declines a placement and a vacancy occurs, we will go to the next number on the wait list and that student’s parents will be contacted. The wait list will remain active and will be utilized throughout the year. Parents of the selected students will be notified by mail the week after the lottery.


Tuition is $370 per month, due the 15 th of the previous month (i.e. September’s tuition due August 15th, October’s tuition due September 15th , etc.).

With your  application to the program, a $370 non-refundable tuition deposit will be due. If your child is waitlisted, your deposit will be returned to you.  If your child is chosen in the lottery, this non-refundable deposit will be applied as the June 2018 tuition payment if your child remains in the program for the full school year.

Application forms and Terms of Agreement are available on this website or at the Main Office at each elementary school. The deadline for submission of applications for the lottery drawing is April 19, 2018 . Students for the program are selected via a lottery drawing to be held on Friday, April 20, 2018.

*Adult event, kindly make arrangements for young children*